Parent Code of Conduct

• As parent/guardian, I understand I am responsible for the transportation to and from practices and games. If special arrangements are needed, I will make those with family, friends, or other available team parents.

• I understand that team coaches are neither responsible, nor liable for player transportation or for the care of players after the end of scheduled practices/games.

• Coaches and/or team parents will be on site, during scheduled dates and times, for the supervision of players.

• If my player is unable to attend a practice/game, I will notify a team coach in a timely manner prior to the event. I understand they have volunteered their time in which they develop practices and game plans to include all those on the roster. The absence of players may result in changes to those plans. I will do my part to keep to the schedule when manageable or notify them as far in advance as possible.

• I will be prompt in the arrival and picking-up of my player from practice’s and games. I understand coaches may have other commitments that require their immediate attention directly after a practice/game and their supervision may not be available.

• I understand the importance of self-esteem and will provide a clean and complete uniform for my player for each and every game.

• I agree that a positive, respectful, and encouraging environment from everyone involved (coaches, players, parents, and spectators) is vital to the program. Setting examples for our youth to follow and model behavior is crucial to the experience within the Babe Ruth program.

• I understand that Babe Ruth goals include teaching our players sportsmanship and control of their emotions during competition. As a visible agent to all present, I, too will model sportsmanship control of my emotions.

• I will enforce respectful behavior of my player towards all coaches, players, umpires, and spectators.

• I understand team coaches are the designated representatives of the team and they will address any and all concerns towards umpires and other officials. My patience is critical to the program. My behavior will be that of a model example. I understand that at any time, I may complete the KYSBA Babe Ruth educational guidelines for umpiring and volunteer my services as needed.

• If I have a concern that needs to be addressed with a coaching staff member, other parent or an official scorekeeper I will do so after competition or practices, in private, and in a calm and respectful manner. I understand game-time is reserved for competition and I will delay my approach until the appropriate time arises. I understand that I may contact coaching staff by phone and/or e-mail as provided and needed.

• The KYSBA Babe Ruth website is at my disposal for the gathering of most league information, including game schedules, team rosters, & field rainouts. It is regularly updated. I am encouraged to contact any board member via e-mail thru the website for any questions or concerns that I may have. 

• I understand and agree to the KYSBA league requirement that my player will be removed from a game if I am required to leave the field due to unsportsmanlike conduct.

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