Managers and Coaches Guidelines

A team manager is a person appointed by the league to be responsible for the team’s actions on the field, and to represent the team in communications with the umpire and opposing team. A coach is a person that performs duties as appointed by the manager such as base coach, and will act on the manager’s behalf should they be absent. A manager is sometimes also referred to as ‘head coach’ and a coach may also be referred to as ‘assistant coach’. 

It is the goal of KYSBA to provide the best possible managers and coaches for all participants. The managers must be a leader who is well respected in their community. The managers and coaches are the adults designated by the league to interact with the young players. They hold key positions, directly affecting each participant and the degree to which he/she benefits by involvement in the league. Since the managers and coaches are the individuals having direct contact with the players, they become the most important persons in determining the success of our league. 

Players are strongly influenced by their managers and coaches in establishing their own ideals and aspirations. It is important the managers and coaches be people who can be respected by their players, not only because they might lead them to the league championship, but because they do their job in providing the players with the inspiration to become better citizens via proper mental and physical development. As the role of the managers and coaches is vital in determining the success of our league, KYSBA has developed the following guidelines for selecting managers and coaches. 

1) Basic Requirements:

   a. All managers and coaches must be upstanding members of the community that exhibit positive behavior, leadership skills, game knowledge, and willingness to be role models for the youth of our community.
   b. All managers must be 18 years of age or older.
   c. All managers and coaches must submit to a background check as required by KYSBA. 
   d. All managers must be approved by KYSBA. 
   e. All managers and coaches must complete the Babe Ruth Coaching Certification Program and provide evidence of doing so prior to first practice. 

2) Selection:

   a. A committee of current KYSBA Board Members will select managers. Selection will be made based on the person that best meets, in the opinion of the committee alone, the KYSBA manager and coach desired qualifications listed below. 
   b. Managers will be selected prior to assessments to facilitate assessments and team formation. If the selection committee determines that a manager cannot be selected without verification that a manager’s son/daughter can meet minimum skill requirements for that division, the assignment will be made after assessments; this is to ensure that a player is not unfairly moved into a division above their skill level. 
   c. Managers will select their own coaches. KYSBA has the right to disqualify any coach if it is determined that the person does not meet the basic requirements of managers and coaches. 
   d. It is the responsibility of prospective managers to contact KYSBA prior to the end of registration with their intent to manage for that season. If a prospective manager has not registered their child at the time the committee reviews candidates, that person will not be considered for manager positions. It is not the responsibility of KYSBA to make sure that the player is registered in time. 

3) Desired Qualifications:

   a. Commitment to making the game safe and fun for all participants. 
   b. Knowledge of the game. 
   c. Previous experience; years of coaching experience, previous success within our league, coaching other sports, etc. 
   d. Dedication to the league; previous managing and coaching within the league, volunteering for other duties within the league, etc. 
   e. Documented education and certifications. 
   f. Previous playing experience; professional, college, high school, etc. 

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